Fouzia Ahmadzai New Gap Shap 2020 فوزیه سره د یوه ملا سیکسی ګپ شپ


Concerned over the stalled peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban in Qatar, as well as escalating tensions in Afghanistan, Abdullah Abdullah, head of the country’s High Peace Council, said peace talks in Doha should be held. Still continue.

Mr Abdullah said that despite the daily funerals at Afghan homes and the challenges to peace, courage must be exercised and the Doha talks could continue.

Speaking at the ninth round of the annual security summit in Herat, Abdullah said there was no doubt that the Taliban’s perception was such that it would increase fear and terror among the people and at the same time without a strong commitment to peace. “Time is running out for peace,” he said.

“There was a similar mentality in the past, they would say that there is only a few percent of the land left to capture. Peace will come to Afghanistan, but that did not happen. What is over and no discussion left. At that time we also missed the opportunity and it must be accepted. That was probably the time when there was a real call for unity. ”

But he emphasized the need to be more discriminating with the help we render toward other people. If, God forbid, one day we come to the conclusion that by whatever means we come and whatever flexibility we show, but the other side is not ready, then it is time for the people of Afghanistan to decide. ”

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