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How To Create A Heart With Android Mobile Phone Keyboard
If you have a mobile phone with Android at your disposal, you should know that making a heart with a keyboard is not complicated at all – just tap on any area where text is typed (for example, Message messaging app (or text document), go to the emoji keyboard, and type one of the ones that the heart represents. Let me explain in detail how to do this.

To get started, launch the application you like (e.g. WhatsApp, Messages etc.), touch the text field in it and click the button to access the emoji keyboard (usually one on the Smiley face and it is located in the left or lower left).

In this case, you have to find a heart amulet. To do this, keep in mind that most keyboards for Android (and not only) organize emojis by theme: there are those that point to nature, things, daily activities, and so on.

Usually the part that contains the heart emojis is the part that contains the mood (and is usually represented by a smiley face): t, click, then, in the button that shows it. Scroll through the emoji set that is offered to you, identify the symbol heart you like (e.g., red heart, broken heart, colorful heart, hanging, etc.) and that’s it.

Unfortunately, I can’t be very precise in giving you instructions on how to identify the keyboard part that includes the emoji at heart (because it depends on the keyboard you use).

Want to know how the heart is made with the iPhone keyboard? In this case, know that what is said in the Android chapter is valid: you must first enable the iOS keyboard, go to the emoji keyboard and then select the symbol that is among the available patterns. The heart represents.

First, for that, start implementing your interest requests (e.g. WhatsApp, Telegram, Notes, etc.), tap the text field located in it and press the emoji keyboard to access it. The smiling face was found in the corner on the left side of the screen.

In the newly displayed Keyboard section, click the symbols located on the right (the instrument that represents the musical memory with the symbol yy%) and select one of the existing heart symbols: red heart Colorful heart, el heart with bow, el broken heart and so on

Alternatively, if you upgrade your iPhone to iOS 10 or later, you can simply get the heart by typing “heart” on the iPhone by default set on the iPhone and then a symbol on the right. Simpler than that?

Note: If you have disabled emoji keyboard on iPhone and therefore can’t follow the instructions I gave you in previous lines, go to menu Settings> General> Keyboard> Keyboard> New Key Add a board … and select the article Emoji from the screen that contains the list of available keyboards.


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