د نغمې له درده ډکې خبرې! هغه له خپله ژونده په تنګ شوې

You will often find it difficult to read. Most students, if we read books of jokes, novels, poems and stories, there is no tension in our minds, but why when we read textbooks? What could be the cause of our headaches or drowsiness and sleep-like conditions?

This will be explained in the following article.

First: If you are not interested in reading a book at all or you cannot read a book, whenever you read a book, start with a book that interests you, whether it is jokes, stories, novels, poems. Start the book with whatever subject you are interested in.

Second: If you feel bored reading a book or you have a headache or sleepiness, choose a part or title of the book that you are interested in and start reading there.

Third: If you do not have the ability or interest to study at all, it is not necessary or necessary for you to repeat all the textbooks of the university, school, follow the guidelines of a schedule and the schedule that you do. There are books. Choose a book from it and then read a lesson from the book. Close your book, have a little fun or read another topic a day later, start reading a lesson or a book with the same title, this will make you read the book. Develops a habit and interest in reading or reading until the whole book can be read again.

Fourth: Choosing a place to read a book is very important. If you start reading in the morning, it will be better because in the morning the brain is calm and the learning power is stronger. Choosing a place is as important as a quiet place where noise is high. The sounds of cars are not the sounds of a house because when you study and are disturbed around you, you will never study or learn properly.

Fifth: In order to read or study a book, you have to be spiritually relaxed. When your brain is not relaxed, you still cannot study.

Sixth: Diet or diet system is very important for reading a book. Even if you eat low energy food or very strict food, you can’t study or study. You need to consume regular food and you have to replenish your energy.

Seventh: Our body should be sufficient in terms of water, ie we should drink enough fluids or clean equal amounts of water to balance the pressure of our body.

Eighth: To study, a young person needs to keep his sleep regular and get enough 8 hours of sleep. Of course, night sleep is more important and useful than day.

Ninth: If food is used while reading a book, then the best food is chocolate or cocoa as well as sweets. As you said earlier, chocolate, cocoa and black tea or milk tea are very useful because they are good for our brain. The most important foods are glucose and chocolate and cocoa are high in sugar. Most people have low blood sugar or glucose during their studies so that they do not wake up or fall asleep. And university is young so young people have very little sugar but are obese so it should be avoided.

Tenth: If your book is hard or large in volume, read the whole book psychologically first.

Read the book psychologically for the second time.

The third time read a little, a little late or a hundred times.

Mark the key points for the fourth time.

Read the cover again for the fifth time to keep it in your mind, God willing, by practicing the above words.

Reading will seem to you a passionate love and enjoyment.

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