د علیشا د مور غلطه ویډیو دلته وګورئ! ماشومان دې نه ګوري

It is our responsibility, according to our profession, to clarify the solution to the problem and bring it to the notice of the responsible authorities!
Due to the problem of rain water in big cities, the relevant agencies should take the following steps to control and use it effectively.
Tariq Tassal
Do things. It should be noted that in China and the United States, the following options are being used to control this problem:

2. In areas of the city where the city’s water is broken, the government recommends that locals install green lawns on some parts of the roofs of their homes, so that a certain amount of rainwater can flow there. It is absorbed into the existing soil and is usually watered by homeowners.
2. On the outskirts of the city, which is on the same side of the city’s waterway, relatively deep areas are created where all this water is rejected and this area is then connected to the natural source of surface water.
2. Relatively deep wells are dug in different parts of the city, with a distance of at least 5 meters between them, and rainwater from different parts of the city breaks through. Another benefit is that groundwater is fed.
2. The government should instruct the residents of the city to set up separate rejection systems for rainwater and wastewater.
3. In areas of the city where rainwater runoff is high, sidewalks should be made semi-paved and the paved areas should be beautified with lawns to absorb more rainwater. This works on the one hand to beautify the environment and on the other hand to absorb rain water.
Note: There are other options as well; But it is widely used around the world to solve this problem.

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