توبه! نازیه اقبال لندن کې څه کارونه شروع کړي؟ ویډيو کې یې وګورئ

Read about the life, family and art of famous singer Nazia Iqbal here
Popular Pashto singer Nazia Iqbal, who has sung in many dialects and languages, is very popular among Pashtuns. She has been singing since a very young age and is still active in the art world as a singer.

Nazia Iqbal was born on the 9th of Kay in the year 9 in the Swat region of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. She is fluent in Pashto, but has also sung in many other languages ​​such as Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Persian and English. He is very popular among Pashtuns in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Nazia Iqbal married singer Javed Fiza in 2006. They have two daughters and two sons. They divorced each other last year, but reconciled and remarried.

Nazia is more popular in Afghanistan than the Pashtuns of Peshawar, especially in eastern and Greater Paktia, and her songs are much loved by the people of these areas.
Nazia Iqbal, who is currently living abroad with her family, has been forced to flee Pakistan in recent years due to some problems.

It is worth mentioning that Nazia Iqbal is now 9 years old and does not participate in many music bands like before, but still she has kept her role as a singer active and from time to time she loves her fans. Presents you with a new song as a gift.

Nazia Iqbal recently re-enacted a song by Irfan Kamal (Love is Powerful), which became very popular and was warmly welcomed by the people.

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