اوس د هر چا د وای فای Wi-Fi کوډ یا پاسورد په اسانه ډول معلوم کړی

How to use your computer as a Wi-Fi router. Your router is broken and you are waiting to get a new one, you are surfing the internet without wireless support without using the old modem. Now I know your darkness, it must really be torture!

The same technique can be used even if for example you are in a hotel that provides internet connection only through internet cable and you want to share network access with all your devices (smartphones, tablets and so on). .)) Or even if you want to extend the existing wireless network a bit.

All you need to do is connect the computer to the Ethernet port (or a USB port that you can connect to the Ethernet adapter, assuming you want to share an electrical connection) and a wireless network card that Hosted network support. For more details, read on, everything is described below.
How to use your computer as a Wi-Fi router with Windows 10

If you use a computer equipped with Windows 10 and then include a network card that supports guest mode, that is, by sharing an Internet connection, you can move your computer to a wireless access point without the need for third-party software. All you have to do is open the command prompt, activate the network card network state by giving some simple commands that we detect with each other, and activate the connection partnership in the control panel. Do.

However, the first step you need to take is another one: check the compatibility of the network card with the state of the hosted network on the computer. Then open System Symbol, type cmd in the Start menu in the search bar and press the T key on the computer keyboard.


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